All about Island Modular Kitchen

In Past; Island Modular Kitchen was just a dream, but now a day it is possible to design your dream in real life. Island Modular Kitchen is a highly demanded Modular Kitchen layout all over the world. That’s why today we discuss all about Island Modular Kitchen.

Before we start our discussion; let’s know first what an Island is?

What an Island is?

An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in front of a kitchen to supply the counter top space. Referring to this kitchen feature as an island does not show stability. It is common for owners to buy a freestanding mobile island to expand their kitchen area. An island is also not a finite or specific dimension, which means it can be the perfect size for the space available in the kitchen.

What is an Island Modular Kitchen?

Island Modular Kitchen is a well-designed kitchen layout with factory made storage cabinet for a great cooking experience. Island Modular Kitchens are a highly customization form of modular kitchen because they give you the freedom to use your kitchen space as per your convenience. The ideal design of the Island Modular Kitchen is a combination of a straight L-shaped layout with an island disconnected in the center. The island in the middle gives you a perfect storage space or cooking space, and finally gives your kitchen a contemporary look. All furnishes of Straight Shape Modular Kitchen is made from best quality of plywood, granite, laminates, glasses, & profile shutter which adds pleasant looks.

Some Feature of the Island Modular Kitchen

  1. Waterfall Counter top: Homeowners are falling for a waterfall counter top. Counter top content doesn’t stop at the edge of the island; it flows down the sides, reflecting the beauty of counter top material selected from multiple angles. With this look, any island becomes a true statement piece.
  2. New Takes on Old Classics: Kitchen islands are becoming more and more imitating classic furniture. And as their popularity grows, it becomes easily accessible. In line with modern farmhouse trends, dining tables and weapons are a popular source of inspiration.
  3. High Contrast: The mix and match is entering the kitchen and offers the perfect opportunity to introduce island contrast and add dimension.
  4. Built-in Storage: The main thing in a neat kitchen is storage. You can use every available inch, including cabinets, pull-out shelves, drawers, hidden charging stations, and even open display cases for mugs and mugs and cookbooks.

Advantages of the Island Modular Kitchen

  1. An island adds storage area in addition to cabinetry.
  2. Island creates extra seating places.
  3. Because of Island you can place extra amenities.
  4. The material options for an Island are endless.

Disadvantages of the Island Modular Kitchen

  1. Installation cost of Island Modular Kitchen is higher than any other types of Modular Kitchen likes Straight Shape Modular Kitchen, L-Shape Modular Kitchen, U-Shape Modular Kitchen, and Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen.
  2. For installation of all units you need an expert interior designer.

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Note / Tip
Installation cost of all types of Modular Kitchen is totally depends on the size of Modular Kitchen and materials used for its installation. All discussion of Installation cost mentioned in this article is just an idea for beginners. Thank You!