All about L-Shape Modular Kitchen

What is L-Shape Modular Kitchen?

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen is a popular layout for the kitchen with small spaces. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen is a commonly selected layout. The L-Shaped Modular Kitchen makes effective use of small space. The L-Shaped Modular Kitchen fits into any corner of a room.

L-Shaped Kitchen layout creates a good working triangle of hob, fridge and sink and gives you lots of storage. The L-shape kitchen is considered the ideal solution as it concentrates all the storage and appliances into two sides of the room, making the overall space looks bigger.

The L-Shaped Modular Kitchen is an old age concept but if you design it with various cabinets, storage to hold accessories then this type of kitchen create a modular and luxury look. If you made all furnishes from the best quality of plywood, granite, laminates, glasses, & profile shutter which adds pleasant looks.

Some Feature of the L-Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. Distance between the working triangle that is hob, fridge and sink is well maintained.
  2. Proper use of cabinets and furnishes gives an extra-ordinary look to the kitchen room as well as home.
  3. L-Shaped kitchen design is a perfect layout for those who want an open plan space for their kitchen and living room area.
  4. Depending on the length of L in the layout you can even plan for additional kitchen furniture which gives your better experience.
  5. These types of kitchens are average for installation cost.

Advantages of the L-Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. It is a great method to utilize the space of the corner.
  2. Highly recommended for an Indian small & medium sized kitchen space.
  3. Simple but good working triangle.
  4. This type of kitchen provides a luxury look if they design well.
  5. The installation cost of L-Shape Modular Kitchen is less than U-Shape Modular Kitchen, Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen and Island Kitchen.

Disadvantages of the L-Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. The installation cost is higher than Straight Shape Modular Kitchen.
  2. For installation of all units you need an expert interior designer.

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Note / Tip
The installation cost of all types of Modular Kitchen is totally depends on the size of  the Modular Kitchen and materials used for its installation. All discussion of the installation cost mentioned in this article is just an idea for beginners. Thank You!