All about Straight Shape Modular Kitchen

What is Straight Shape Modular Kitchen?

The Straight Shape Modular Kitchen, one of the simplest kitchens should be planned with great detail in order to suit the woman’s working style in every Indian home. A Straight Shape Modular Kitchen has been fitted with one wall. The length of wall depends on the use of appliances. The Straight Shape Modular Kitchen is the most effective layout for small sizes home.

The Straight Shape Modular Kitchen contains three main parts; sink, gas and fridge. The Straight Shape Modular Kitchen gets a luxury look if they are designed with various cabinets, storage to hold kitchen accessories. All furnishes of Straight Shape Modular Kitchen is made from best quality of plywood, granite, laminates, glasses, & profile shutter which adds pleasant looks. In general, The Straight Shape Modular Kitchen has open floor concept.

Some Feature of the Straight Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. Open Flooring: Open Floor adds extra space for circulation.
  2. Sliding or Pocket Door system: These increase storage space.
  3. Placement of Sink: The kitchen sink is located in such a way that users can get more space in between.
  4. Dining Table: In Straight Shape Modular Kitchen all part, factor and spaces are organized so well that’s why the dining table can also be kept in the kitchen.

Advantages of the Straight Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. This type of kitchen perfectly suits for small size homes.
  2. These kitchens provide a pleasant look and give you a marvelous experience while cooking.
  3. Proper use of available space so the kitchen is very easy to use.
  4. The installation cost is less than any other type of modular kitchen like L-Shape Modular Kitchen, U-Shape Modular Kitchen, Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen and Island Kitchen. In short word it is a cheapest type of modular kitchen.

Disadvantages of the Straight Shape Modular Kitchen

  1. These types of Modular Kitchen only suits for small size homes.
  2. For installation of all units you need an expert interior designer.

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Note / Tip
The Installation cost of all types of Modular Kitchen is totally depends on the size of  the Modular Kitchen and materials used for its installation. All discussion of the Installation cost mentioned in this article is just an idea for beginners. Thank You!