How to Decorate the Pooja/Worship Room in a few simple steps

A pooja room is the space of most consecrated where all religious texts and images are found. According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian used architecture to enhance positive spiritual energy. A pooja room should be filled with appropriate decorations that create Indian culture.

1. Painting the room

Onyx Interiors suggest you that use light color like faint yellow, sky blue, white, orange, etc. for Pooja Room. Because Light Color helping keep the space feels open, airy and peaceful. As shown in the following image.

2. Selecting a design of door

Pooja room is a private space where every people go and relaxingly pray to god.The door of the pooja room must be different from the other doors in the house. You can choose a wooden door, with religious carvings on the wood, or perhaps a glass door that display the room even when closed.

During the designing of Pooja Room, Onyx Interiors recommended wooden doors as they have a long life & that also looks great for Pooja Room.

Glass doors are also good with extra benefit of  transparency. 

Wooden Door

Glass Door

3. Make decorative entrance for pleasing entry

You can add decorations to the entry point of the doors. Make sure that added decoration is outside of the door because entrance must be pleasing.

Then next question. What kind of decoration can we add?

Answer is so simple; you can place flowerpot both side of the door. In flowerpot use scented flowers. You can put a flower necklace on top of the door frame. You can also add lighting to the entire door frame. Place the carpet just in front of the door according to the size of the door. As simple as that!

Flowerpot Entry Decoration

Lighting Entry Decoration

Carpet Entry Decoration

4. Sitting arrangement

While praying or meditating in pooja room, if you will want to sit or kneel comfortably then add a pillow to sit and kneel. You can also place a low height wooden stool with a cushion on top.

Cushion Sitting Method

Wooden Stool Method

5. Keep always brighter

The pooja room should never be kept in the dark, so there should be a small lamp or candle in the room. You can also use different types of lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the room at any time.

If you want to add candles then the lit candles should always be in front of the idol. But it is very difficult to maintain.

A chandelier is a great idea to install and it looks great too but it is expensive and very difficult to maintain.

The best way to keep room brighter that is using lamps and firefly string lights.
It is easy to maintain and affordable for all of you.

Candles Decoration

Chandelier Decoration

Lamp Decoration

6. Accessories

  • Flowers & plants: Decorating room with natural flowers & plants create a soulful look.
  • Rangoli: In Indian culture, rangoli has incredible importance. So in pooja room rangoli is most needed.
  • Mirror: If your pooja room was small then use a mirror to create an illusion of more space.
  • Curtains: Uses of curtains provides modular look to a room and also look relaxing.

7. Decorating of Mandap

Build or buy a mandap as u want. Then decorate the images and idols of the gods. Keep the images and idols of the gods according to the Vastu Shastra.