How to Choose a Perfect Sofa Set for Your Home

If you are planning to buy a new sofa set which perfectly matches your home theme then Onyx Interiors presents how to choose a sofa set for your home step by step. There are so many verities in the market. When you visit the store either search online sofas you notice that there is an infinite range of sofas and from that range, you have to choose right one sofa for your home. It’s pretty difficult to choose the right one which was perfectly suit your home. But don’t be confused follow the tips given by Onyx Interiors.

Measurement of the Sofa

According to the space vacant in the room, you have to decide the number of sofas or chairs & also its measurement. If your home size was huge then go for long & luxury sofas on the other side home size were small or medium then go for small sofas. Also, remember a small or medium-size home can also choose luxury. If you are choosing a small size sofa for huge size home then it’s very weird to see it. But you choose the right size sofa then it looks very attractive. As you can see in Picture

Long size sofa for huge size home​
Small size sofa for medium & small size home​

Design Selection

As we all know there are so many options available. Some are as follows:

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Loveseat Sofa

A loveseat sofa set is specially designed for small & medium size houses.

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Lounge Sofa

A lounge sofa set is an Indian tradition sofa. If your home theme is traditional then this sofa will rock.

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Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo sofa set especially uses informal occasion. If your home theme is formal or offices type then goes for it. It’s looking pretty good.

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Camelback Sofa

Camelback sofa set! This sofa set design is inspired by animal name as a camel. It provides the luxury look with tradition to home.

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Knole sofa

Knole sofa set is providing a luxury & royal look to the home. If your home theme is modern then no questions just select it & install it.

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Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofa set specially design for huge size home. It looks bad in small houses.

Sofa Materials

Sofas can be crafted out of many fabrics. Some of them are silk, microfibers, textures fabric, leatherette, leather, canvas and more. Silk gives the sofa a delicate look & also rich look to the home. But it needs high maintenance. Fiber sofa makes sofa attractive & easy to clean. Onyx Interiors specially recommended this type of sofa. The leather sofa gives a modern look to a home. Leather sofas are expensive.

Choosing a Sofa Frame

Sofa frame plays an important role while selecting a sofa set. Because the sofa set quality depends on the sofa frame. Onyx Interior suggests you that use the Wooden Frame as it is the best performing & also last long. Check the joints and corners of a sofa. A sofa can also be crafted in a metal frame which is also good. Avoid buying sofa crafted in plywood frame.

Sofa Color

Always buy sofas that similar color of the wall. Be careful about it. Because buying a sofa is a long term investment. If you choose the wrong color which is not matched with the home theme then its look boring. If you choose a color suit for the theme it is relaxing for every people.

Quality of Sofa Set

The quality of the sofa depends on its frame and cushioning of the sofa. The cushion should retain its original shape, when somebody sits on it and again stand up from the sofa. The springs have the capacity to bounce back when someone stands up from the sofas.

Special Tip for those who read our article Do not buy a sofa online just seeing its image. If you have a clear idea about sofa set then buy online.