5 Easy Steps to Convert Kitchen into Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. So don’t be foolish about your Kitchen Room. Be serious about your kitchen Room and turn your Kitchen into Modular Kitchen. It’s pretty hard to turn your current Kitchen into Modular Kitchen, But don’t be stress Onyx Interiors present for you 5 easy steps for making a modular kitchen.

Define Your Kitchen Shape

Be careful about the shape of the kitchen because shape plays an important role for designing Modular Kitchen. If you choose the wrong one it does not look good and also not suit for your house on the other hand if you choose the right one it looks good and also shines your home. So make sure about your kitchen shape and choose the right one.

You should able to move quickly and easily between the cooking area, the fridge and the sink. This is sometimes called working triangle. The shape of your kitchen is usually detected by the shape of the room, but just because of your existing kitchen is one shape that doesn’t necessary mean the new kitchen has to be the same.       

Here are few layout options:

Selection of Modules

Basically, Modules means different compartments where we store utensil. The core focus while designing a Modular Kitchen goes to the Kitchen Modules. Each module will either have a Shelf, Drawers, and Pullouts, etc. All of these have their own unique advantages and usage.

Shelf modules are the cheapest modules on the other hand Pullouts are expensive and Drawers have moderately priced. 

Corner Modules stands for various accessories.

Wall modules can be hinged or lift up. If the budget is on a high level then go for hinged but the budget is low then go for the lift up.

Shelf Module 

Drawer Module

Pullout Module


There are two most important things while selecting the material

  • Quality of Material:

If the quality of decided material was low either bad then a life of the Modular Kitchen is in danger. But the material quality was good then your Modular Kitchen’s live long life.

So make sure your selected material is in good conditions or tested against water, termites, etc

  • Looks of Material:

AS we all know looks are everything either we also judge people from their looks then remember that it is a Kitchen. Your Modular Kitchen must look perfect and shine also. For perfect look select a proper shape and for shine select proper material.

Selection of Counter Top

Once you have finalized the layout, modules & finishes of kitchen, it is time to choose the right kitchen top. There are varieties of the counter top such as Granite, Solid surfaces, artificial stone like Cesar stone, etc.

Granite gives the best value for money proposition.

Solid surface gives seamless joint but can face the problem of stains due to spices/oil etc.

Selecting the right appliances-sink / cock

Once you finalize & fixed countertop now it’s time to choose the right appliances & arranged them according to your Modular Kitchen design. After that it’s time to select perfect & suitable sink & final work is to select cock which matches with the theme of the sink.